Over 2,000 kids and pre-teens with food allergies are using the WaistPal to self carry their epipens.

Is your kid with food allergies or someone you know struggling with how to carry their Epipen?

Helping children to self carrying the epipens should go hand in hand with teaching them what they can and can not eat.  It becomes easier for them as they grow older if you ensure they have epipen carriers that are suitable for kids.

epipen carriers for kids waistpal
Front of Epipen WaistPal
Most kids and teens, especially boys are not self carrying the Epipen at all times because they said the tubes are too bulky and don't fit inside their pant pockets.  Created by a mom and her son, the LegBuddy and WaistPal undergarment epipen carriers will resolve this issue.

At first it might seem like a difficult task to accomplish but once you get an epipen carrier for kids that is comfortable and most importantly hat they like, they will never leave home without their epi's. 

After asking the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis network about epipen carriers, it was great to hear that there was a product especially designed for kids to carry their epipens.  It is not just another fanny pack or make-up case adapted to hold epipens, but designed with high quality and style.

Over 2,000 kids and teens around the world are using the WaistPal  to self carry their epi's.

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