Epipen carriers that work and will help - not hurt children?

The emotional daily challenges a child has to face when they have anaphylaxis food allergies is something that most parents can't really comprehend until they start noticing that their kids are been bully or made fun of because of their allergies. It gets even more difficult when you realize that carrying their epineprhine auto injectors is something they want to do but don't want anyone to know about it.

A child with anaphylaxis allergies must start self carrying their life saving Epipens or AuviQ's the minute they start attending school.

Do's and Dont's 

  • If you don't make it a rule and start teaching them that self carrying their epi's is a rule that can't be broken, they will not develop the habit to do so and as they get older it will be more difficult to do so.
  • If you make   them to wear a noticeable carrier like a fanny pack or a waist hanging pouch  they will eventually be bullied and made fun of.
  • If you buy them a nice printed looking pouch that looks more like a pencil case or a makeup bag, in case of an emergency it will be difficult for school nurses, coaches and first response emergency personnel to find them. 
  • If you believe that while they are in school not carrying their epi's on them is safe, think again. What happens during after school or when the nurse goes out to lunch or the classrooms are closed...
  • Sports packs that suddenly got an allergy really name but were not specifially designed to carry auto injectors have zippers and  plastic buckles that could hurt them during typical kids games.
  • Are you sure your kid is carrying a waist pack that is fire retardant?  
The WaistPal is by far the  most convenient and comfortable epineprhine auto injector carrier for school age kids ages six to 19. 
  • Designed as an undergarment waist sling with no plastic buckles.
  • Two small tight pockets, one in front and another one on the back securely hold the auto injectors.
  • Made of high quality neoprene material that is fire retardant, water resistant and that helps keep maintain the temperature of the injectors.
  • Athletic cool design with prominently displayed medical alert symbol in color red let's others know quickly notice that they are carrying emergency medications. 

If you have a child with anaphylaxis allergies and you got a prescription for epineprhine auto injectors it means they need to self carry the auto injectors 24/7. Not having immediate access to epi's could hurt them.  Making them wear a fanny pack or a pouch with a huge sign that says ALLERGIC TO NUTS could expose them to bullying and unnecessary social inflicted risks.

Every time you buy them an outfit, make sure they have large pockets like cargo pants do, or find the necessary accessory to ensure they comply with the responsibility of self carrying their life saving epineprhine auto injectors.  Help your kids be ready to help themselves.

Given the proper training and tool, no one is more capable to ensure your child has immediate access to their epipens or auviq than they do.  Trust them and help them master this life long task.

Kids with anaphylaxis allergies wearing and/or showing their WaistPal by OmaxCare