Epipen Case Care package for kids and teens with food allergies that could help save their life.

Send a care package with a gift  that could save the life of someone with anaphylaxis allergies.  An #Epipen holder that makes it easier to self carry their life saving emergency medication is the perfect gift for food allergic kids, teens, and adults.

You can't understand how difficult it is to carry auto injectors all day long unless you have to. Wearing a fanny pack or a rescue shot pouch is like walking with a big bouncy bag that will make anyone look weird. Epipen carriers to need to be modern and cool looking and  most importantly they have to be comfortable for all day wear. 

A "must have" for food allergic kids, teens and young adults are discreet undergarment epicarriers that they can easily "strap on" and are discreet and easy to concealed. 

Printed and colorful pouches look more like pencil cases and/or makeup bags. Having the universal medical emergency alert symbol prominently display is a must  to help firs response personnel and others quickly notice that you are carrying epinephrine and will ensure no time is wasted. Studies have shown that rescue and emergency teams will not look inside your bag for any medications. 

Most Convenient & Best Epinephrine  Carriers 
by Age Group

Ages 5 to 19: Most popular among teens and college students to comfortably carry and conceal their epinephrine auto injectors:
WaistPal  undergarment sling & LegBuddy concealed leg holster

Adults: Most popular carriers for adults and parents that need to pass along the responsibility of carrying their kids Epipen's:
LegBuddy concealed holster and WaistBuddy  leather case. 

Websites that carry well thought Omaxcare Epipen and AuviQ high quality and stylish designs
OmaxCare Manufacturers

Photos of Waist and Leg Carriers

Teen inserting Epipen inside front pocket of WaistPal epinephrine undergarment sling
College girl showing  AuviQ before inserting
it inside WaistPal back pocket 
WaistPal front pocket with  one  AuviQ
Epinephrine Talking Devise

LegBuddy by OmaxCare Epipen and AuviQ holster

WaistBuddyII Hansomly Crafted Leather Case by OmaxCare
holds two Epinephrine Auto Injectors such as
Epipen, Anapen, AuviQ, and Allerject

WaistBuddyI by OmaxCare holds one Epipen

WaistBuddyI by OmaxCare holds one Epipen

Top view of WaistBuddyI with Epipen Inside

All WaistBuddy's have a leather covered metal rotating clip that strongly secures the cases to the waist of your pants or skirts. Also commonly used to clip on the case to the outside of your bags.