Best #Epipen Gear to buy as a gift for children and teens with Food Allergy

Buy a gift that could save the life of someone with anaphylaxis allergies.  

A pouch to transport epi pens is the perfect gift for food allergic kids, teens, and adults.  The epicarriers need to be modern and cool looking and comfortable for all day wear otherwise they won't use them. 

A "must have" for kids, teens and young adults is the undergarment concealed WaistPal sling. 
For school age children the WaistPal is the only  holder that was especially designed for carrying epinephrine auto injectors. Was created by a very active kid, with mom's help. He wanted to be able to discreetly carry his epi's  under the school uniform and not have to worry about loosing them or where to put them during PE classes and after school activities.  It needed to be comfortable and soft, with no buckles and nothing that will irritate the skin.  

WaistPal and LegBuddy by Omaxcare.

waist pal epi belt
legbuddy by omaxcare


Where to buy epinephrine high quality, stylish epipen carriers:


sports belt with medical id

holder that will not fall

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