Epipen pouch invented by a kid with #FoodAllergy #Anaphylaxis

A true story of how a child with allergies came up with an idea so his dad could help him carry the #Epipen's. He wanted to go biking with dad alone, but mom would't let them go without making them wear an uncomfortable fanny pack. She didn't want them to carry them in a backpack because she knew that they could easily loose if they stopped to shoot some basketball hoops.

While trying to figured out a way to make an epipen pouch for the auto the injectors, the challenge was that it had to be strap to the body and the tubes where long and bulky.  While mom saw dad putting duct tape to keep the epi's secured not only was mom convinced  that they could manage the task of having the epinephrines with them at all times, but she immediately started working on the development of a line of unique athletic stylish #Epipen holster which she named the  LegBuddy. Soon after, the WaistPal concealed sling was created to  carry  Epipens and AuviQ so it could be used while playing sports and under school uniforms. 

If you, or someone you know is behaving like the typical mom of a child with severe allergies, getting the kid and his dad a carrier they will use will make it easier for all and you will stop feeling the need to keep following them everywhere they go or call every five minutes to make sure they have the epi's.

For over 8 years, thousands of other allergic kids have also benefited from using the OmaxCare WaistPal and LegBuddy. Two great solutions that would improve the lifestyle of anyone who has life threatening allergies forever. 

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