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No one knows how difficult it is having to carry two epipen auto injectors at all times until you have to do so. Today is easier thanks to families touched by anaphylaxis allergies. 
insulated waist pack waistpal

Two popular concealed undergarment holsters and an elegant leather case are the only available "strap on" carriers that were especially designed to hold up to two epinephrine auto injectors. 

Why  the Waistpal undergarment waist sling and the concealed leg holster LegBuddy by Omaxcare
These where designed by child and mom with dad's approval for carrying the epi pens discreetly. It took several years to finally craft two stylish carriers that were not only comfortable to wear all they long, but that could be easily concealed under clothing.

Waistpal is made out of soft neoprene material with some unique features that no other epipen or waist pouch has.
1. No plastic buckles: no pinching, easy to put on and on take off.
2. Fully lined: No itching!
3. No Bouncing: Has two tight easy access pockets to minimize bouncing and bulkiness.
4. Easy Access Pockets: One Pocket sits on the front of your belly and second on the back.
5. Carry two: Holds two epinephrine auto injectors such as Epipen and Anapen. One is placed inside the front pocket and the second one inside the back pocket.
6. Universal Medical Alert Symbol in color red, is prominently displayed to let others know you are carrying life saving medications.
7. Epipens are Protected: Made of high quality neoprene that is water resistant and helps maintain the temperature of the medications. 

WaistPal is the most liked carrier by students especially young ones because they can wear it all day under uniforms or regular school clothing. No need to take it off during physical education or after school activities. Looks cool and best of all even kids that don't need to carry medications like it!

epipen auto injector

wearing his athletic sling

peanut allergy and carrying epi pen
Shops that sell Epipen  waist slings, cases and holsters:

Other Products for Carrying Epinephrine Auto-Injectors:
For the set of Epipen's that parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and school nurses carry the WaistBuddy leather case with rotating leather covered clip is elegant, convenient, and makes it easy to pass along the responsibility of carrying the Epi's and not loosing them. 
case school nurse

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